May 21

every body should learn to swim

every body should lean how swim because you could fall in to the water and may not be know how to swim . swimming is some thing that you need in life to survive . if there is a rip or something other then a rip and no one is around to help you  could die . that is why i think swimming is a skill in life that yo must have .

May 17

the fortnite story

one day a man went in to the walling wood and 3 other guys went there as wall. and one man got a gun and killed all the men in walling wood but the storm was coming. but he was too late he was dead so the mach ended.

May 16

the robber from the trees

one day a little city and a man was spot’ed in the  trees jumping in to someones home and a hole family was home and they said at the top of there lings help! its a robber! and he said shhh you are a robber help! robber help the police ran up the to the room just as the robber ran into the trees he said send men on the floor you you and you come with me were going after him you were going to go after him in the tree the best way to get a robber is to go the same path he or she went so come on … to be continued

May 16

is it cruel to keep animals in cages

i think it is cruel to keep animals because animals need to run around and they should be in real homes in then in a  cage  some animals need to run around to live and some animals need to run around if they don’t they could go on a rampage or even die that is why i think it is cruel to keep animals in cages

May 11

what a mess

one day a boy named Adam walked into his room and sore some sort of a portal he went in to it and 3 old men suddenly walked out of the wall and said you are the chosen one stop any evil doer so hear you go AAAAAHHHHHH! wow this place is cool hello! is any one there! yes! who are you my name is jeff  Adam Adam no come out of there no no noooo! this is so cool i’m never living this place but do you know about the danger that’s were i met your father he was kill by one of the 3 old men they put him in to the darkest place on the planet they throw him to his … to be continued

May 11

TV is better then reading a book

TV is better then reading a book because it shows you the real amazing set up of the TV show or movie set up.But with a book you think what the set up is and you mitt be wrong and some moves or TV  shows have not been published  in to a book so you may never no if a movie  even existed. So  you cant expand your bran and who knows you mitt even really like it.

so come on watch some TV .