November 29

100 Word Challenge-…we seemed to be on the Television

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“Were are we.”

“I don’t know but we seem to be in a Television.”

“How do you know that because  people are looking at us and we seem to be in a TV show. But what show?”

“I think I know. Run we are in a death show, every one dies its every man for him self!”

“Are you crazy!? We have to work together in heaven!”

“HAHAHA you will never win because this is a TV show! No it is not fortnite, if you think you going to win is if you are a pro ninja is it really you the god of fortnite!

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June 21


She could not believe what she had done however …

one day a storm came, and a girl named Gem was just sitting in her room. Then a bolt of lighting hit the wind and she was hit by it. Then when she  woke up she saw a red and blue world, and a small man in a in a green top hat with green all the way down to his shoes, said you are the girl who did this to the houses no don’t come near me you killed 77 people on the night of the storm but some were bad.

June 20

The mark of a dangers gunman in 1331 a man killed 102 men. First he killed a banker and a police officer who tried to stop him but failed. Then he ran out of that bank in a flash letter. That day every police officer was looking for him so he went to a home were no one lived. Then he went in to it and a man said your the man the police are looking for, your worth a lot. BOOM! He killed his third man and he left a note saying that he was there. Then he killed all other people, but he finally was bought to justice and got killed and thrown in to a river his gun also snapped.


June 1

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

Dragon fruit what is under that spikes. Maybe an little home or maybe one hole town with a little people in it. what would happen if they came to life they would try to take over the wold and they could maybe make a city for them under ground. so no one ever see them but at the nigh fall they come out and see all the people and they are maybe going to start a war fighting the people.  what would happen if the Dragon fruit ruled the wold. would we have a better life or not the dragon .