December 9


one day a man was waking and he as he went to have a bit of his sandwich he suddenly he was just gone and then there was a strange looking man came and people asked him how he is and he said black knight and i come from the wold of FORTNITE what are you doing on earth  every one is in danger bake home why ever since the ice king came and froze the lake and some of the map he has been game ending all the players on the map only a hand full of us got out safe but the ice king and his army had court up to them and the had before i could say no they had game ended them and i ran to the the rift i came to earth. no he is here he looking for me every one get back ice king black knight i’m going to game ended you like you boom what me and you are the only fortnite players omg it is a noob in a bush

December 1

harry potter the real story

so you all know the story  harry potter great story but i think the is more to the story this is how i would do it. So he who must not be named was in the school but all the teachers could not catch them but there was this very strange man just waking every day i the school looking at harry and when the man was asked what he was doing here and he said nothing and and just vanished saying he is here you will all parish get ready for an never mined what nothing you will fine out soon … to be continued



by gianni vittorino 2018

November 29

100 Word Challenge-…we seemed to be on the Television

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“Were are we.”

“I don’t know but we seem to be in a Television.”

“How do you know that because  people are looking at us and we seem to be in a TV show. But what show?”

“I think I know. Run we are in a death show, every one dies its every man for him self!”

“Are you crazy!? We have to work together in heaven!”

“HAHAHA you will never win because this is a TV show! No it is not fortnite, if you think you going to win is if you are a pro ninja is it really you the god of fortnite!

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August 17


ON MONDAY the 34’s set off for camp once we all got on the bus it toke one hour to get to camp and the first thing we did was go on a tour of the  the camp and sore were we would be sleeping the wore 4 loges and two wore named after bays one was called swan bay and the other one was called port phillip bay ad the other ones wore called lady nelson and buckly loge next we got sorted into our cabins and unpack to get ready for the night and we did on the last day we all went to the park for a water fight and we were doing it like the day a pirate was cart by the British empire but before he got cart he hid it some were in queens cliff .

June 27

Jam is better then honey

Jam is better then honey because jam doesn’t stick as much as honey dose . Jam is sweet and honey is just bitter. Jam is very easy to spread but with honey just go every. jam is heather then honey because it doesn’t have as much sager as honey. jam comes in meany different fruits but honey is just in one flavor that is why i think that jam is better then honey.

June 21


She could not believe what she had done however …

one day a storm came, and a girl named Gem was just sitting in her room. Then a bolt of lighting hit the wind and she was hit by it. Then when she  woke up she saw a red and blue world, and a small man in a in a green top hat with green all the way down to his shoes, said you are the girl who did this to the houses no don’t come near me you killed 77 people on the night of the storm but some were bad.

June 20

The mark of a dangers gunman in 1331 a man killed 102 men. First he killed a banker and a police officer who tried to stop him but failed. Then he ran out of that bank in a flash letter. That day every police officer was looking for him so he went to a home were no one lived. Then he went in to it and a man said your the man the police are looking for, your worth a lot. BOOM! He killed his third man and he left a note saying that he was there. Then he killed all other people, but he finally was bought to justice and got killed and thrown in to a river his gun also snapped.


June 1

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

Dragon fruit what is under that spikes. Maybe an little home or maybe one hole town with a little people in it. what would happen if they came to life they would try to take over the wold and they could maybe make a city for them under ground. so no one ever see them but at the nigh fall they come out and see all the people and they are maybe going to start a war fighting the people.  what would happen if the Dragon fruit ruled the wold. would we have a better life or not the dragon .

May 22

the ended of the wold

one day it was 1.00 am a kid was slowly malting away and when his mum came into his room to fined only his pj’s they called the police and look’t over the CCTV and it showed a man coming throw the boys window and dumping a tube of radio active wast and his face was in 22 other CCTV so they called him the the kid slayer he malts kid in only there clothes but what the police were thinking about was how was the clothes and blanket were not malted the police man said we need to fined out were he got the radio active wast from and stop it so this never happens one more time or it will fall into my hands YOU WILL BE FIRED … TO BE CONTINUED