Jam is better then honey because jam doesn’t stick as much as honey dose . Jam is sweet and honey is just bitter. Jam is very easy to spread but […]

She could not believe what she had done however … one day a storm came, and a girl named Gem was just sitting in her room. Then a bolt of […]

The mark of a dangers gunman in 1331 a man killed 102 men. First he killed a banker and a police officer who tried to stop him but failed. Then […]

one day it was 1.00 am a kid was slowly malting away and when his mum came into his room to fined only his pj’s they called the police and […]

one day a man went in to the walling wood and 3 other guys went there as wall. and one man got a gun and killed all the men in […]

one day a boy named Adam walked into his room and sore some sort of a portal he went in to it and 3 old men suddenly walked out of […]